The Reformed Deacon

OPC Disaster Response

June 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 9
The Reformed Deacon
OPC Disaster Response
Show Notes

In this episode, host David Nakhla talks to OPC deacon and Committee on Diaconal Ministries member, John Voss (Covenant OPC - Orland Park, IL), OPC elder Mike Cloy (Landis OPC - Marion, NC), and OPC deacon Jeff Davis (Cedar OPC - Jenison, MI) about their experience and expertise in disaster response. These men share their desire for deacons to lead their churches in preparedness, organization, good communication and action when it comes to disaster response. They also explore various ways to foster a willingness to participate in denomination-wide labors for the sake of the gospel. As John reminds us, "Everyone can be used!" You don't have to know how to swing a hammer. Everyone has something to offer to the work of disaster response!

Referenced in this episode:
Contact Elder Mike Cloy about DART:
Join the OPC Disaster Response list of volunteers by registering here
Find out more about OPC Disaster Response:
Contact OPC Disaster Response:
Watch the full OPC Disaster Response documentary-style video Mike Cloy referenced here!

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