The Reformed Deacon

How Ruling Elders Can Help Deacons

December 01, 2023 a Podcast from the OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries Season 3 Episode 2
The Reformed Deacon
How Ruling Elders Can Help Deacons
Show Notes

Elders and deacons working in conjunction for the good of their flock is of great importance to the health of any local church but the way to go about that is not always well-defined.  

In this episode, Rev. Stephen Tracey talks with David Nakhla and Jeffrey Roach, a deacon at Resurrection Presbyterian Church in Matthews, North Carolina, about thoughts on best practices for the two offices: good communication, having joint meetings, using discretion, and practicing joint visitation. 

This episode has been graciously provided by the Committee on Christian Education's OPC Ruling Elder Podcast, which aired in September of this year.

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